Monday, August 9, 2010

Cattle Drive - Frequently Asked Questions

Average distance covered in a day? Hours in saddle?

Since this cattle drive is designed for horses and riders who have no previous cattle experience, we'll start the first morning by having a short instructional session regarding proper methods for gathering and moving cattle. Then we will ride out from camp to a remote pasture to begin gathering the cattle which will be loose and scattered over a large pasture. When the herd is gathered we will begin moving them toward our camp arriving in the late afternoon. We'll probably cover 6 - 8 miles and be in the saddle for 5 or 6 hours total. We'll take some breaks and have a long lunch break. Gathering and moving cattle is done slowly so as not to spook or scatter the cattle.

Terrain and obstacles?

The terrain is gently rolling open pasture hills and some wooded areas. Obstacles might include down logs, small ditches, brushy areas and small creeks but we will mostly be out in the open pastures.

Pickets, hobbles, or portable corrals recommended?

We will set up a high picket line in camp for everyone's use but you are welcome to contain your horse in any way that suits you whether hobbles or portable corral.

Horse food carried in on own horse or from support vehicle?

All your camping gear, duffle and horse supplies will be transported to and from camp for you in a vehicle.

Sleeping outdoors—bring own bedroll, or tent, or what?

If you choose to sleep outdoors in our authentic camp you should bring your own bedroll and tent. You may also sleep in your horse trailer in the parking area, a rental cabin on the ranch or a motel in town.

How will the outdoor items be brought ?

All your camping gear, duffle and horse supplies will be transported to and from camp for you in a vehicle.

Will there be a base camp to come back to after each day?

We will have one base camp where we will live for Friday and Saturday evening.

If I bring my own horse , where will the trailer be?

The trailers will be parked about a half mile from camp.

What will I need if I rent one of your horses?

You will want to bring all your own tack - saddle, pad, bridle, saddle bags, and camp gear.

How will suitability of horse be selected?

Advise us about your riding experience, height and weight and a suitable horse will be selected for you.

If my horse came up lame at the last minute, how would that we handled? ( rent horse, lose fee, etc)

You could rent a horse or we would refund 50% of your fee.

If I haven't ridden my horse all summer, do I need to do a lot of conditioning?

Proper cattle moving is done mostly at a walk so it is not very tiring or strenuous on the horse.

I have worked my horse with calves. Will she spook with a full grown cow?

She'll have no problem with these cows. A cow is a cow, big or small is no difference for your horse.

I have not had real ranch experience.

No problem, this event is designed for beginners to give you knowledge and skills with cattle but more importantly to help your communication with your horse and help you develop as a better rider.

How much climbing up and down would there be and would there be natural assist elements (stumps, ditches, hills, fence) that I could use if needed?

There will be very minimal mounting and dismounting. Almost all this work is done mounted. There are always plenty of natural elements to use for help in mounting or one of the cowboys will always be glad to give you a leg up.

Thank you for your interest and feel free to e-mail us any other questions you may have.

Ed Dabney

[email protected]