Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cow Working Clinic a Great Success!


With the participation of 16 riders our February Cow Working, Ranch Horsemanship and Beginner Roping Clinic was a great success. We were happy to have English and Western riders of all disciplines participating.

ost of the horses and riders had never been around cows and had no experience handling lariat ropes but all had great fun and learned many new skills.

Valuable TrainingRob and Mel
Two full days of cattle work and roping experience resulted in valuable training for the horses. Giving the horses and riders a job to do tends to take the focus off micro-managing your horse so the horse then actually develops a lighter and quicker response to the rider's cues. Some of the horses came to the clinic with a fear of cows but with gradual exposure they gained confidence and were soon eagerly enjoying herding, cutting, sorting and roping. Even for the dressage riders who may never work cattle again, the experience gave them a more solid, dependable horse that should be much calmer at shows now.

Dressage Herding

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